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 Tuesday Evening Institute Class 


These are the Elders assigned to Owingsville who may be reached at 859 / 213-9823.  Next are listed the Sister Missionaries assigned to Morehead who regularly attend our Tuesday evening Institute meetings at 7:00 p.m. in the University Blair House (Center for Regional Engagement).  The Mt. Sterling missionaries are listed below the Sisters , and of course all six Missionaries attend Sunday services at the Owingsville Ward. 

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Elder Allen
Ogden, Utah
859 / 213-9823





Elder Gaither
South Jordan, Utah
  859 / 213-9823

Sister Sperry
Sandy, Utah
  859 / 432-9155
      /images/orgs/ldssa/Sister Sperry of Sandy Ut.jpg 

Sister Thorne
Syracuse, Utah
859 / 432-9155





This poem was written by Elder Dustin Nygard of Rigby, Idaho, and shared in Fast and Testimony Meeting on 26 April 2009, two days before he was transferred from Mount Sterling, Kentucky.

I'm grateful for what my Savior did for me,
To die upon the cross of Calvary,
I know again I'll see His face,
Pleading for His loving grace,
I know it's sure, it's held me fast,
Through all my life's trials and tempests.

My mind weighed down by sins at time,
Yet lifted up but I in pride,
Refused to leave my past behind,
He said to me come follow me,
And doing so you shall be free.

I placed my trust in God once more,
My struggles hard yet I endured,
The sunlight streamed it filled its part,
And peace bound up my broken heart.

When upon life's billows tossed,
God is there, you are not lost,
He hears your prayer, your every plea,
And all because of Calvary.


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The following missionaries are assigned to the Mt. Sterling area and attend special LDSSA functions, but normally must be provided transportation to do so.


Elder Lowe  
Monticello, Utah  
859 / 432-9178  








    Elder Green
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    859 / 432-9178

 /images/orgs/ldssa/With superb leadership from Ward Facilities Coordinator Billy Williamson.jpg  

Missionaries help LDSSA members and Institute students clean

 the Owinsville Ward Chapel

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