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Alumni, Friends, and Visitors


Nathan Adkins
606 / 336-3407
Past LDSSA President
Senior majoring in English
Secondary Education

  /images/orgs/ldssa/Institute LDSSA VP 2 Aug 08.jpg
Virginia Wilson Adkins
Ex-Officio Member
502 / 507-2572
Senior, majoring in Music
Performance (emphasis: opera) and
American Sign Language

   undefined   David Applegate
606 / 584-0605
Past President, LDSSA
Member, Pi Kappa Phi National Social and Service Fraternity
2009 Graduate who majored in Computer Information Science major
   undefined   Megean K. Boardman Applegate
859 / 625-4934
Receptionist, Good Shepard Printing Company, Morehead, Kentucky




  undefined   Whitney Applegate
895 / 585-6835
Junior, Imaging Sciences major with a concentration in Radiologic Technology
Keri Adami
678 / 863-2077
Weber State University Cheerleader
Undeclared Junior

  /images/orgs/ldssa/Keri Adami Oct 07.jpg
Alfrao 2


Maria Alfaro
502 / 533-0346
Majored government; will switch to nursing in the future
Lacey Noel Blankenship
New: 574 / 223-8322
Psychology Major

  /images/orgs/ldssa/6 March 08 Blankenship 2.JPG
   /images/orgs/ldssa/DSC09630.1.jpg    Jolene Brewer
859 / 620-8613
(August 2009: Will return to MSU January 2010)
Majoring in theater
Member, Theta Alpha Phi;
Theater Honorary Society
(not enrolled 2009 fall semester)
Christopher Crum
859 / 585-8488
3697 Little Rock Terrace
Provo, Utah 84604
895 / 497-9632

  /images/orgs/ldssa/Crump 2 Aug 2008.jpg
Hallie Griffith, Visitor
606 / 356-6527
Junior; major undecided

  /images/orgs/ldssa/Griffith, H.jpg
Ashley Ginn
859 / 750-7008
Major in Education

  /images/orgs/ldssa/Ashley Kaye 1.jpg
Chris Gladding
801 / 722-8151
Was a graduate Student in the Athletics Department
  Jared Nichols Greer
606 / 505-0616
Graduated in 2011 majoring
Allison Ruth Hatton
(Sealed in the Louisville Temple on 7 March 2009)
2006 MSU Graduate Majoring in
(Bishop Ted and Sister Jeannie
Marshall's daughter)

  /images/orgs/ldssa/Ruth former LDSSA member at MSU.jpg
John J. Hawkins
1-276 /376-4482
Student Box NO. 5085
University of Virginia-Wise
1 College Avenue, Wise, VA 24293
Majoring in Political Science with a
concentration in International Affairs;
Minor in Philosophy

  /images/orgs/ldssa/LDSSA Sunday 'Break the Fast' Sep 07 089(2).jpg
Josh Henry
859 / 585-8952
President, Lexington
LDSSA / Institute
University of Kentucky
Engineering Student

/images/orgs/ldssa/Howell 18 Oct 07 Institute 020.jpg
Rebecca Dastrupt, NEE: Howell
Weber State University
Majoring in Elementary Education concentrating in Learning and Behavior Disorders
Amy Insko, Visitor
606 / 584-1147
Junior majoring in Animal

Sara Jones, Ph.D.
801 / 558-5500
MSU former Institute Teacher
Director of Excellence and
Community Outreach
Utah Education Association

  /images/orgs/ldssa/Break the Fast 30 Mar 08.1.jpg
  undefined   Emma Keough
MSU Volleyball
Graduated in 2011 majoring in
Elementary and Secondary Education
L. Jordan Letcher
Elementary Education Graduate (2011)
Member, Chi Omega National Social and Service Sorority

  Brandon W. Leishman
513 / 255-0356
Junior Accounting Major
Transferred to Miami of Ohio University 2011

Justin B. Masters
334 / 452-3693
Majoring in Sociology and Criminal Justice
Former Halfback No. 25, Eagle Football Team
2011 Graudate

  /images/orgs/ldssa/28 Feb 08 Justin Masters 2.JPG
Catherine "Cate" Bevis Masters
606 / 356-5792
Majored in Marketing
Graduated in 2011
Jared M. McKinney
606 / 259-1950
Majoring in Philosophy Major

/images/orgs/ldssa/LDSSA Sunday 'Break the Fast' Sep 07 015.jpg
Steven Osborne
859 / 475-3427
859 / 433-2770
Member, Theta Chi National Social and Service Fraternity
Senior at EKU majoring in psychology
/images/orgs/ldssa/Maggie Salisbury's brother, Ben.JPG
Ben Salisbury
606 / 226-9982
Sophomore, majoring in ArtReturned to Martin, Kentucky, in January 2011 to give some thought about his future
Maggie Salisbury
Graduated in May 2010
with a major in English
Now a graduate student in Library Science at the University of Kentucky
R. Morgan Salisbury
Member, Phi Sigma Pi
National Honor Society
2012 graduated from law
at Northern Kentucky

  /images/orgs/ldssa/LDSSA Sunday 'Break the Fast' Sep 07 011.jpg
Candis Setters
Welcome Occasional Visitor
Friend of Whitney Applegate


Return Missionary (France)
University of Kentucky French Graduate Student (August 2012)




Jasmine Simms, Visitor
240 / 527-0195
Sophomore majoring in Social Work
C. J. Smedley
Temporary Hawaii Telephone Number: 1-808 / 226-6451
(Six hours difference in time)
606 / 789-0406
Sophomore with undecided an

Abby Steele
270 / 543-2661
Sophomore majoring in Psychoology
Member, Lady Eagles Basketball Team
Transferred to Western Ketucky State University in August 2010

  /images/orgs/ldssa/Steele, Abby.jpg
/images/orgs/ldssa/Veronica Tisdale Feb 09.jpg

Veronica Tisdale, Visitor
502 / 750-1497
Education Major


Justin Whitley
606 / 784-3882
Finishing a GED at the Adult Learning Center

Ella Wilburn
606 / 653-0332 (home)
Graduated in May 2010
with a major in Psychology

Ashley Wilson
859 / 771-0519
Graduated December 2010;
now teaching in Cincinnati
Majored in Elementary Education with
a concentration n Learning and Behavior
Member, MSU Marching Band