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13 Jul 11


The last out-of-town LDSSA social event was a trip to the Frankfort Ward, Sunday evening, 8 March 2009, to see a famous Abraham Lincoln Impersonator.  Check with the LDSSA officers about other planned events.


A Ceramics Lab Pizza Event


Crump Reception Invite 2011



Institute Parents' Sunday - 18 April 2010

55 Attended Luncheon afterwards 

18 Apr 2010

After attending Institute Parents’ Sunday Sacrament Meeting in the Owingsville Ward, 55 parents,
students or members of their extended families and the Bishopric as well as assigned missionaries
enjoyed lunch at the Institute teachers’ home. 18 April 2010


 /images/orgs/ldssa/8 Mar 2011 FHE in the MSU Ceramics Lab_Page_1.jpg  /images/orgs/ldssa/8 Mar 2011 FHE in the MSU Ceramics Lab_Page_2.jpg 

Tuesday evening, 8 March 2011:  A Unique Ceramics Family Home Evening

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/images/orgs/ldssa/Not even rain could keep a crowd away on Friday.jpg

(Top left) University President Wayne Andrews
Introduces (Top Left) LDSSA President Ben Monnett
who gave the invocation at the
2009 University Memorial Brick Ceremony
on a rainy Friday morning. 23 October 2009


 Below are photographs of the Thursday night, 12 February 2009 Institute Class

 /images/orgs/ldssa/Morehead State University Institute Class 12 Feb 09.jpg 

 The First Break the Fast was held on Sunday, 30 September 2007,
complete with visit from MSU President Wayne Andrews

 Dr. Andrews



The next LDSSA/Institute Break the Fast has not yet been scheduled but will appear on this page when it is.  Directions to that location will be posted here as well.