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The president of LDSSA is Sister Carolyn Crump who may be
reached at or 859 / 274-3949.

29 September 2013:  The  LDSSA Campus Advisor is MSU Assistant Professor Johnathan Nelson who may be reached at 606 / 755-0847, and the Volunteer Institute Teacher, Sister Emily Nelson, may be contacted at 606 / 755-0847 (

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 /images/orgs/ldssa/Dr. Andy McArthur vists Institute Class on 29 November 2012.jpg 

Dr. Andy McArthur Visits Morehead Institute Class

Welcome!  When the University is in session, meetings are held Tuesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. in the Blair House, 302 University, behind the Howell-McDowell Administration Building between the Methodist Wesley Foundation and Baptist Campus Ministries Buildings. Occassionaly we meet at other locations to be announced.  In the evenings, you may park in the University Parking lot immeditately next to Blair House.


 /images/orgs/ldssa/Oxen 1 Feb 2011 Institute Class.2docx.jpg 

 First Institute Class of 2012

 /images/orgs/ldssa/1st Institute Class of 2012.jpg



  /images/orgs/ldssa/Final Institute Class and Supper at the Home of Bishop and Sister Marshall - 7 Ma7 2009.jpg  
Final Institute Class 2008-09



Last Institute
Class of the
 2007-08 Year

 /images/orgs/ldssa/LDSSA, YSA, Institute Sunday in the Owsingsville Ward, 28 August 2011_Page_1(1).jpg 

Page 1, LDSSA, Instutute, YSA
28 August 2011


 /images/orgs/ldssa/LDSSA, YSA, Institute Sunday in the Owsingsville Ward, 28 August 2011_Page_2(1).jpg 

Page 2, LDSSA, Institute, YSA
28 August 2011