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Rainbow Graduation

Rainbow Grad

Congratulations, Rick (B.A.), Kristy (M.A.) & Toni (M.A.) -- our inaugural Rainbow Graduates! (Fall 2009).

Attention LGBT Graduates! Ready to graduate?

Step one:

Apply for graduation at MSU: 

Step two:

Register for the ALLYance Rainbow Graduation Ceremony:

The ALLYance Rainbow Graduation is an opportunity for members of the ALLYance to be recognized for their leadership and service to the organization, the University and to their community.

Members of the Morehead State community will be there to support our members as they become proud alumni.

As part of the ALLYance Rainbow Graduation, we will present our graduates with rainbow honor cords that can be worn at Commencement. If you are graduating and would like to be participate in the Rainbow Graduation Ceremony, please  register here . (Registration must  be completed by October 15th for Fall Graduation and March 15th for Spring Graduation)

If you prefer to not be recognized at the Rainbow Graduation Ceremony, but would like an honor cord, contact and we'll give you one privately. 

All graduate students who are graduating are invited and welcome to participate!


2009-10 Ceremony:

Rainbow Graduation for December graduates was held at the First Annual ThanksChristmas Holiday Party on Saturday, December 5, 2009. For May graduates, rainbow cords are given out at our end-of-the-year BLT•BBQ party on Tuesday, May 4, 2010.

rainbow cord Rainbow Graduation is:

  • An opportunity to honor YOU for your accomplishments
  • An event in which you may invite your family, friends, and those most important in your life
  • Your formal induction into the ranks of MSU ALLYance Graduate Alumni
  • An opportunity to be you!
  • The ALLYance's last formal event of the semester with great food and tons of fun!
  • The event in which you will receive your Rainbow Honor Cords for service in the ALLYance
  • A formal encouragement to lead with pride in your community in the future!


Rainbow Graduation isn't:

  • An actual graduation ceremony. It is a celebration to honor you. You will not receive your degree or a diploma, but you will receive your rainbow honor cords from the ALLYance!
  • A substitute for attending your actual commencement ceremony at MSU.
  • Something you and your family/friends should miss! :)



(updated 01/5/12)