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Religious Resources

  • The following churches in Morehead have openly stated that they will be welcoming and supportive of all who attend, specifically those who identify as LGBTQQIA:
    • First Christian Church / Disciples of Christ   (277 E. Main St., Morehead, KY • 606-784-4836)
    • Faith Presbyterian Church (430 Fraley Dr., Morehead, KY  • 606-784-5838)
    • St. Albans Episcopal Church (145 E. Fifth St., Morehead, KY • 606-784-6427)
  • - Freedom for LGBT people from religious & political oppression through the practice of relentless nonviolent resistance.


Safety Resourcespolice

Courtesy Shuttle

The following The job of the University Police Department is to protect individuals, their property, and University facilities and equipment. Personnel are on duty 24 hours a day. Call 783-2035 any time for assistance. For emergencies dial 911. The University Police Department provides several services which a student may need. Student cadets operate a courtesy shuttle from the parking lots to the residence halls. Hours of operation for the shuttle are dusk to dawn. Use any one-way phone on campus to call for shuttle service.


MSU Police

The mission of the Morehead State University Police Department is to preserve and protect the rights of citizens in the University community to live, work, and learn in an environment conducive to the discovery of knowledge, and the pursuit of intellectual, creative, ethical and technical development. This is to be achieved by providing police services dedicated to the preservation of order, protection of students, faculty, staff, and the general public, prevention of crime and physical security of facilities and resources dedicated to the educational process.

"Street crime is on the increase in most large U.S cities. It's also growing on campuses and in small communities. Schools and colleges that receive public funding are required to post the crime statistics at their campus. No college is immune to crime. In fact many crimes are more common on college campuses than off. So wherever you are, keep your self and friends safe with an awareness of your surroundings. These campus safety tips will help you."





HRC Scholarship DatabaseThe mission of the ALLYance is to provide education, awareness and support. We encourage students to further academic study and to be strong, successful leaders in their community. If you are an LGBTQ student leader or activist, we want YOU to attend Morehead State and join us! :) Please find several opportunities for academic scholarship and financial aid below:




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