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University: Morehead State University

Professors: Sherif S. Rashad

Research Assistant: Joshua G. Bradley

Department: Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics

* Presently, we are using OPNET Modeler Wireless Suite for Educational purposes and have just recently started using it for Research.

Research Topic: Mobile Prediction Algorithm for the 4G Network

Abstract: The goal of our research is to develop a model that will accurately mobile user movements across all networks within the 4G network. This will allow for an enhanced consolidation of computing resources, improved cell reception, and the establishment of location-based services within the 4G network. Our focus for algorithm development stems from two perspectives, the individual mobile user and each base station.

We assume mobile users to be predicatble in their everyday lives. For example, a college student will travel to the same building to attend class every day or two. The same idea can be applied to the common buisnessman also. He will travel to the same building for work every day of the week. Through mobile data mining, we want to exploit the habits of each and every individual user in an effort to determine how predictable they are on a daily basis. Knowing where a person will go will allow telecommunication companies to not only project future traffic flow throughout their network, but also allocate more resources to the areas in the network with greater traffic density.

Future Work: Our current research focus pertains to developing a model that will allow base stations to rank neighboring base stations according to the amount of traffic that flowing to each base station. We are currently analyzing the concept behing the Google PageRank algorithm in an effort to develop a model that calculates the BaseRank similar to how PageRank calculates the PageRank of a webpage.


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