Office of Assessment and Accreditation
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Assessment Plan and Annual Report Reviews

Each year all academic programs, academic support units, and administrative units complete an Assessment Plan and an Annual Report based on that plan using the WEAVEOnline program. The Assessment Plan and the Annual Report are reviewed by the Office of Assessment & Accreditation (OA&A). These reviews result in component ratings and a total overall rating for each plan and report. The Assessment Plan has component ratings for: mission, goals, outcomes, measures, achievement targets, and documentation. The Annual Report has component ratings for: findings, action plans, analysis questions, executive summary, and documentation. Results are provided in two forms. The first is an individual feedback form based on a rubric with defined criteria. This feedback form is provided to the developer(s) and supervisor(s) of the program or unit. The second is a spreadsheet results for all programs and units with separate tabs to show raw scores, average scores, and detailed scores by various administrative levels. The spreadsheet results by year are shared below.

Assessment Plan Spreadsheets

2009-10 Assessment Plan Report by Unit 11-10-2009
2010-11 Assessment Plan Review Summary 4-1-2011.rev
2011-12 5-Year Assessment Plan Review (In progress - expected Fall 2012)

Annual Report Spreadsheets

2009-10 Annual Report Ratings 11-29-2010
2010-11 Annual Report Ratings 1-31-2012.rev