Office of Assessment and Accreditation
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Friday, October 16th
Deadline for faculty to "submit" workloads 

In this process, please complete the following: 

1. Update your professional information on the Profile form. 
2. Verify and/or complete the teaching workload on the Workload form. 
3. Upload a syllabus for each of your classes in the section just beneath the class workload list. Only one syllabus is needed for multi-sections of the same course. A separate syllabus is not required for lab sections, if you are also teaching the lecture portion. 
4. Update your professional activities on the Workload form. 
5. IMPORTANT!!! Click the red button "Submit Completed Workload for Review" at the bottom of the Workload form.

Monday, October 26th
Deadline for Department Chairs/ Coordinators/ Unit Supervisors to “Approve” or “Verify” Faculty Workloads

If any questions, please contact the Office of Assessment and Professional Development at 783-9363.