Non-Traditional Eagle Society
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Welcome to the Non-Traditional Eagle Society !


We are an organization of students dedicated to helping non-traditional students find information, confidence, and motivation in order to achieve success. We at the Eagle Society can help you with the transition to university life. We recognize that you have a lot on your plate and we are here for you whether you are working a job, raising children or volunteering in your community while you are going to school. The Eagle Society provides valuable resources to help you adjust.

 Joining the organization offers members a chance to share ideas, build friendships, and promote academic success while gaining valuable learning experiences from people with similar circumstances.  The Eagle Society provides a venue for non-traditional students to ask questions and state concerns.  Our collaborative strength grants us a voice on campus and helps Morehead State University meet the unique needs of non-traditional students on campus 


Benefits of Membership


We are our own support group!

We can give practical advice about classes, professors, financial aid, schedules, and coping skills.   We plan and coordinate family oriented activities and events geared to the needs of non-traditional students.  We provide information and services to members as well as assistance with issues that our members often cope with.  We present leadership opportunities and experiences while working to provide a bridge to opportunity for others in our situations.