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What's New in Blackboard?

This August, MSU Blackboard is getting a facelift. This will affect the appearance of your course, but will not affect course content. No faculty action is required and no content will be deleted. 

New Features

  • Streamlined Interface – Improved appearance and efficiency. Tools are only visible when needed.
  • Improved Course Navigation – Move from course to course with fewer clicks. 
  • Retention Center  – Provides an easy way to discover which students in your course are at risk.
  • My Blackboard – See grades, view reminders, and check course progress all in one place.
  • Social Learning – Discover, connect, and collaborate with others who are in your courses, at your school, and at other schools.
  • The New Content Editor – Includes an integrated math editor, enhanced table creation; and you can even copy text from word without losing the format.
  • Video Everywhere - Record a video on the fly using a webcam and have it seamlessly embedded in course materials, interactions, and feedback through the content editor.
  • Calendar – View course items created with due dates that are automatically added to your calendar, and you can export to third party calendars.
  • Improved Discussion Boards – View all of the messages in a thread at once and reply inline.
  • Inline Grading – View, comment, and grade student submitted assignment files inline without leaving the Grade Assignment page.
  • Item Analysis – Provides statistics that help recognize questions that might be poor discriminators of student performance.
  • Enterprise Survey – Track survey and test results across multiple courses.


To register for the “What’s New in Blackboard” orientation session, visit the following web address:  

ITC’s Beek Squad will be available to answer questions.


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