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Now  is a great time to be a piano or organ major at Morehead State University. Our keyboard faculty is devoted to providing our students with the latest developments in pedagogy, performance, jazz improvisation, accompanying, and tuning/technology.  It is our intention to graduate piano students who can not only succeed, but also excel as performer/teachers in their later professional life.

We accomplish this not only by maintaining our strong commitment to teaching, but also by offering hands-on experience in all of the areas that develop a well rounded keyboard player.  There are several opportunities for your students to perform as a soloist, accompanist or member of our keyboard ensemble.  The faculty also works to connect our piano students with families in the community who seek a piano teacher for their children.

These opportunities are not only available to our applied majors, but also to students who will major in music education.  These students who will become band or choir directors and general music teachers may elect piano as their major instrument and enjoy the same teaching and performing opportunities as the applied majors.  Talented student pianists who do not elect music as a major may, after an audition, be considered for these opportunities as well.

Any piano student enrolled in private piano will have access to our six piano practice rooms, each with a grand piano that is maintained by our full-time piano technician and his staff of student technicians.  Another practice room whose use is also restricted to piano students has two grand pianos for piano duet rehearsal. We also have two concert grand pianos and an organ in our concert hall, several smaller electronic organs, a small pipe organ, a double manual harpsichord, a portable harpsichord and numerous cutting edge electronic keyboards.


Special Event

In order to give you an idea of what we are all about, we would like to invite you to select two of your students to come and perform in our Spring Keyboard Festival scheduled for each spring.  They may either play a solo, or participate in a keyboard ensemble piece. If there is sufficient interest, we hope also to have one ensemble selection that will be performed by all of us teachers, as well.  Finally, if you are planning a studio recital of your students, kindly inform us when and where it will take place.  We would love to be there to hear your students perform.  Please contact us for further information and have a great year of piano teaching!

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Events subject to change.  Please confirm at 606.783.2405.