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Congratulations on choosing to become an MSUCorps member.  Below are 2 steps which must be completed before your hiring process will be finalized.  To assist you in this process click on the Member Documentation Compliance 2012-2013 check sheet.


 Step 1:  AmeriCorps Hiring Paperwork (Before the interview)

   To apply as an AmeriCorps member use AmeriCorps App Instructions  


create an account with the AmeriCorps Recruitment System 

Once application is complete, print Application and bring hard copy with you to your interview.



  Step 2:  Morehead State University Hiring Paperwork (If you are chosen as a member)


A. Hiring documents include the following:  

    1.    I-9   (Only complete the top part).

    2.    K-4  

    3.    W-4

    4.    Drug Free Statement

    5.    Background & Consent 

    6.  MSU Application 

     7.    Direct Deposit Form  -  Must attach a blank check with Deposit Form

     8.   Valid Driver's License (copy)

     9.     Social Security Card (copy)-  If you do not have a Social Security Card, click on link to access the ordering form ASAP.

Ordering your social security card    

    10. Birth Certicate (copy) - must be offical state issued (if you don't have follow link below to order)

Ordering your birth certificate in KY 

          11. Copy of Offical High School Diploma or Offical College Transcript

B. Complete AmeriCorps Enrollment Form 

C. Complete AmeriCorps   Exit Form - (Do Not Date)

 Turn in all forms to the MSUCorps staff.  Do not turn forms into the Human Resource Office.