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Advising Guidelines

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1. Admission
1.1. Student is Admitted
1.2. Student is assigned a coursework academic advisor by Department

2. Program of Study – 1st Semester of Admission
2.1. Student and Advisor Agree on proposed program of study
2.2. Proposal for program is sent to Oversight Committee
2.3. Program of Study is approved
2.4. Program of Study includes initial decision for Integrative Component as Thesis or Project
2.4.1. Thesis option shall include at least 6 hours of CIS 697 Thesis, with not more than 3 hours taken during any given semester, and not more than 9 hours total taken (only 6 hours can count toward their degree).
2.4.2. Non-Thesis option students shall include at least 3 hours of CIS 690 Info. Sys. Team Project, and not more than 6 hours total to be taken.
2.5. Change to Program of study
2.5.1. Any subsequent changes of program up to 6 hours of coursework can be approved with advisor signature
2.5.2. Any subsequent changes of program over 6 hours of coursework must be approved by Oversight committee
2.5.3. Changes to Integrative Component Decision can be approved with advisor signature

3. Integrative Component – 2nd or 3rd Semester
     3.1. Thesis Decision
     3.1.1. Choosing Thesis Student will choose an advisor for their research thesis and this person should become the student’s academic advisor as well The Student along with their advisor will determine the topic for their thesis The Student will prepare research proposal for review
     3.1.2. Thesis Review Committee Student and Advisor will select a thesis review committee consisting of not less than 3 persons (including the advisor) and not more than 5 members The Advisor must serve as at least co-chair of the student’s thesis review committee It is recommended, but not required, that at least one member be a qualified person outside of the MSU COB IS department and be a recognized expert in the students chosen Cognate Area
     3.1.3. Thesis Review The student’s thesis proposal will be submitted and reviewed by the thesis committee within the same semester that it is required to be submitted. It is the responsibility of the student to work with his advisor and committee to assure that this review happens in a timely manner. Thesis Defense the student, with his advisor, shall set a defense date, notify the committee of this date, and receive verification of committed availability 4 weeks prior to the proposed defense date The student shall be required to produce a complete written draft of the thesis 2 weeks prior to the scheduled defense date Committee members shall submit, in writing, proposed revisions to the student’s thesis at the defense. Student’s are required to give a public oral defense of their thesis on the defense date in front of their entire committee. It is the responsibility of the student and their advisor to notify any interested parties, which must include all of the IS department and MSIS student body of the date of the public defense. Questions and feedback on the defense are allowed from the public as well as the committee.
     3.2. Non-thesis or Project Option
3.2.1. Projects must be proposed, planned and carried out as a group project
3.2.2. Approval of Non-thesis Projects All students in the group shall agree upon a project proposal with the CIS 690 Course Instructor Students shall produce a detailed project proposal Proposals shall be reviewed and approved by the academic advisors fo ALL students in the group submitting the proposal
3.2.3. Presentation of Projects All projects must be certified as complete by the student’s instructor and advisor After completion all projects must be presented publicly and will be reviewed by both the project class instructor and the student group’s academic advisors


[Students & Advising | Advising Guidelines | Student FAQ]