Master of Science - Information Systems
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Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) with Health Systems Management Track

Are you interested in making a difference in the field of healthcare?  Health Systems Management prepares students for leadership positions in various healthcare settings.  According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, employment opportunities are growing “faster than average” in the healthcare industry.  If you are a student seeking to further your education in a field that offers vast academic and professional potential, Health Systems Management is the program for you!

MSIS Core Courses: (12 hours)

BIS 640  Research Strategies for Information Systems
CIS 640  Systems Planning and Implementation
CIS 650  Innovation, Technology & Organizational Change
CIS 636  Global Information Systems

MSIS Integrative Component (6 hours)
CIS 697 — Thesis, 6 hours or,
CIS 690 — Information Systems Team Project 3 hours
Plus, select three hours from:
CIS 698 — Advanced Supervised Field Experience
CIS 625 — Web Information Systems and Internet Technologies
CIS 628 — E-Business Application Programming
CIS 635 — Seminar in Information Systems
CIS 645 — Customer Relationship Management Systems
CIS 660 — Enterprise Systems

HSM Required Courses:  (15 semester hours)

HSM 680 Healthcare Leadership and Ethics
HSM 650 Health Information Technology and Clinical Transformation
HSM 655 Management of Healthcare Information Systems
CIS 638  Database Systems Design, Implementation, and Management
CIS 642  Systems Security

Elective (3 semester hours)

HSM 630 Healthcare Public Policy
HSM 684 Healthcare Financial Management
HSM 682 Trends in the Healthcare Industry
HSM 611 Health Economics
HSM 670 Directed Research in Health Systems Management