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The Master of Science in Information Systems program provides an inter-disciplinary approach to preparing graduates with expertise in information systems. The program structure allows students to build career elective choices based on their individual career goals. It is designed to meet the need for information systems leaders and innovators in a broad range of disciplines including business, education, government, health care, science, and the arts.

The MSIS program provides a balance of practical application and theoretical concepts, and it develops technical, organizational, and discipline specific knowledge and skills. The program requires 36 semester credit hours of graduate course work (excluding any prerequisite requirements) in four component areas:

The MSIS Program is designed to:

Prepare leaders who can strategically manage knowledge resources and information technologies to improve the efficiency, productivity, competitiveness, and profitability of any organization in any setting.

Address the growing needs for information technology leaders in business, education, government, health care, and industry.

Combine practical skills backed by a solid foundation in concepts necessary to succeed in the information age.

Tailor your career interests and needs with an interdisciplinary graduate program.

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The Master of Science in Information Systems program is accredited by AACSB International.

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