Master of Science - Information Systems
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MSIS Program Curriculum—Prerequisites. 

Required prerequisite competencies include: 

  • Concepts of IS in Organizations (most college level foundations courses in management information systems would satisfy this requirement). Suggested coursework to meet a deficiency in this area would be CIS 615 [Managing Information Technology].
  • Fundamentals of PC hardware, software applications, and networking (most college level courses in PC Applications and Basic Networking [e.g., LAN, Telecommunications] would satisfy this requirement). Suggested coursework to meet a deficiency in this area would be the CIS 632 [Computer Productivity Tools] and CIS 634 [Management of Telecommunications and Networking].
  • Undergraduate foundation in mathematics and statistics (most college level courses in College Algebra, Statistics, Programming Logic & Design, or Intro. To Computer Science, would satisfy this requirement). Suggested coursework to meet a deficiency in this area would be MNGT/FIN 602 [Survey of Quantitative and Financial Analysis].
  • Expertise in at least one of the following IS areas: Systems Analysis and Design, Networking and Systems Administration, Database Design and Management, Web Development, Advanced Discipline Specific Applications, Programming, Graphics, Multimedia and Desktop Publishing, Knowledge Management and Information Architectures, or IS Management and Decision Making. Expertise can be shown either through appropriate coursework at an undergraduate or graduate level from an accredited college or university, or through relevant work experience and/or industry-standard certifications or training.

    *Note: None of the graduate level survey courses (CIS 615, CIS 632, CIS 634, or MNGT/FIN 602) satisfy the requirements of the 36 hour MSIS program.  They are prerequisite courses only.

MSIS Program Curriculum—Requirements for the Degree

I. IS CORE COMPONENT (12 Hours) The following coursework is required by all students in the program:

CIS 641 Introductory Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methods   (3 Hours) 
CIS 640 Systems Planning and Implementation  (3 Hours) 
CIS 650 Innovation, Technology & Organizational Change  (3 Hours) 
CIS 636 Global Information Systems  (3 Hours) 


The support area component is based on individual career goals; students select 6-9 elective graduate credit hours from their career area, to be approved by their advisor. For example, electives might be within or spread among the following areas: Government, Healthcare, Sciences, Business, Education, Industrial Engineering, The Arts, Math, Communications.


CIS  625 Web Information Systems & Internet Technologies
CIS  628 E-Business Application Programming
CIS  635 Seminar in Information Systems
CIS  638 Database Systems Design Implementation & Mngt.
CIS  642 Systems Security
CIS  645 Customer Relationship Management Systems

CIS 660 Enterprise Systems
CIS  670 Directed Research
MBI 660 Data Warehousing and Data Mining-NKU+
MBI 675 Enterprise Workflow Design & Reengineering-NKU+
  +MSIS courses offered through Northern Kentucky University 
CIS   698 Advanced Supervised Field Experience
CIS 699 Proposed Workshop Topics (e.g., Collaborative    Technologies, Advanced Networking and Wireless,    Knowledge Management, Advances in ERP, Internet    Programming,      Systems Analysis and Design, Data  Warehousing/Data Mining, Advanced Project Mngt,    Expert Systems, HIPAA & IT Standards, Medical    Informatics, Supply Chain Mngt, Human    Computer    Interaction, Strategic IS, Decision Support Systems,  Cryptography, Digital Media, Advances in ABAP  Programming Tools, Web Server Administration,    Performance Improvement Technologies)


Thesis Option:
CIS 697 Thesis (6 credit hours)

Non-Thesis Option:
CIS 690 IS Team Project (3 credit hours) 

*6 Hours for thesis option and 9 hours for non-thesis option

**6 hours for thesis option and 3 hours for non-Thesis option