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Morehead State University Standing & Advisory Committees Membership


The procedure for resignation from a University Standing Committee is written notification to the University Standing Committee chairperson, Faculty Senate secretary, and the faculty member’s Department Chair. In the absence of a University Standing Committee Chairperson, the notification may be sent to the Faculty Senate secretary and the faculty member’s Department Chair.


Teacher Education Council Committee


Name Representing Term Ending
Robert Boram  S&T 2011 - 14
Jen O'Keefe                     S&T 2012 - 15
Johnny Newsome - P-12 S&T 2010 - 13
Donna Everett BUS 2010 - 13
June Grice  HUM 2011 - 14
Jeanne Petsch HUM 2010 - 13
Brian Bosivert HUM 2012 - 15
Lola Aaggaard FGSE 2012 - 15
Edna Schack ECESE 2012 - 15
Karen Lafferty  Middle & Secondary 2011 - 14
Julie Rutland ECESE 2011 - 14
Dan Grace ECESE 2010 - 13
Cathy Gunn  Dean, College of EDU Position Filled - Chair
David Barnett Chair of Chairs Forum Position Filled
Ginny Laux Public School (Elem) 2011 - 14
Saundra Nathanson Public School (Middle) 2012 - 15
Misty Litton Public School (High) 2012 - 15
Anna Chaffin Public School (Principal) 2011 - 14
Catherine Wherthey Undergraduate Student 2012 - 13
Ben Monnett Graduate Student 2012 - 13
Kathy Frederick Director of ESU Non Voting Ex-Officio
Jerry Brunker Coord. KTIP, Clinical Field Exp, TEP Admissions Non Voting Ex-Officio
Susan Maxey U Graduate Teaching Certification Officer Non Voting Ex-Officio
Michelle Roberts U Undergrad. Teaching Certification Officer Non Voting Ex-Officio
Belinda Hitch Teacher in Residence Non Voting Ex-Officio
Joyce Stubbs (Designee) Faculty Senate Chair/Designee Non Voting Ex-Officio
Nancy Preston Regional Campus Director Non Voting Ex-Officio
Warren Howard Community College Non Voting Ex-Officio
James Knoll College of Education Dept. Chairs Non Voting Ex-Officio
Wayne Willis   Non Voting Ex-Officio
David Barnett   Non Voting Ex-Officio
Kathryn Polmanteer Associate Dean, College of EDU Non Voting Ex-Officio

All 1 year terms end August 15 of each fiscal year.

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