Standing & Advisory Committees
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Morehead State University Standing & Advisory Committees Membership


The procedure for resignation from a University Standing Committee is written notification to the University Standing Committee chairperson, Faculty Senate secretary, and the faculty member’s Department Chair. In the absence of a University Standing Committee Chairperson, the notification may be sent to the Faculty Senate secretary and the faculty member’s Department Chair.

Library Committee 

Name Representing Term Ending
David Gregory Dean of Library Services Position Filled - Chair
Ray Bailey Librarian 2012 - 14
Pam Colyer Librarian 2013 - 15
Chien-Chih Peng BUS 2013 - 15
Lola Aagaard-Boram EDU 2012 - 14
Shondrah Nash HUM 2013 - 15
Jennifer Birriel S&T 2012 - 14
Kellie Pettye Staff 2013 - 15
Carla Aagaard Staff 2012 - 14
Harold Chapman Student (U) 1 year term
Evelyn Baskette Student (U) 1 year term
Chris Darnell Student (G) 1 year term
Samantha Clevenger Student (G) 1 year term

All 1 year terms end August 15 of each fiscal year.

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