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Morehead State University Standing & Advisory Committee Descriptions


Termination Date:       Advisory Committee, mandated by federal regulations, last revision March 2007.

Purpose:    To oversee the use of animals in research according to applicable federal, state, and local policies.

Membership:     Membership shall consist of at least five members including the following: one Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with training or experience in laboratory animal science and medicine who has direct or delegated program responsibility for activities involving animals at the institution; one institutional member whose primary concerns are in a nonscientific area; two members who are not affiliated with the institution in any way other than as members of the IACUC and are not members of the immediate family of a person who is affiliated with the institution; one representative from each department using animals for research or teaching, qualified by training and experience to judge the appropriateness of animal use in experimentation and teaching; and the Director, Research Integrity and Compliance as the non-voting representative from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. All members shall be "qualified through experience and expertise. . .to oversee the institution's animal program, facilities, and procedures." (Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, Revised September 1986, p. 5) Members shall be appointed by the President with only one member from a department, except Veterinary Technology, which includes the Attending Veterinarian and a representative from the department. Term of service shall be three years with terms staggered so that the majority of the membership is retained each year. The Associate Provost for Research and Sponsored Programs shall serve as the Institutional Official to external agencies.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To maintain institutional compliance with the Animal Welfare Act, Public Health Service Policy, and any other applicable federal, state, or local regulations. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Requiring all users of  laboratory animals at the institution to submit an application and receive approval for animal use prior to initiation of such animal use.
    • Inspection and review, every six months, of all animal use areas and housing facilities including:
      • practices involving pain to animals,
      • the condition of the animals, and
      • compliance with approved protocols.
    • Maintain files of protocol reviews, inspection reports, remedial actions recommended for each animal use area, and reports of corrective action taken.
    • Submission of all applicable assurance statements and reports as needed to maintain compliance with the laws and regulations.

Officers:     Faculty Chair to be appointed by the Institutional Official and a Vice Chair to be selected by the committee from the membership.  Secretarial support provided by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

Frequency of Meetings:      As required.

Reporting Channels:      Advisory to the Associate Provost for Research and Sponsored Programs.

Open Session Minutes Copied to:     The Institutional Official and Library.  (Published minutes meet federal guidelines on confidentiality.)  Closed session minutes retained in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and are confidential.

Support Services:      Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.









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