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The Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship concentration is an applied study of small business ownership and management, of the entrepreneur as an agent of innovation, and of entrepreneurship as an organization/management process. Although generally focused on issues relating to new or small ventures, the program also explores entrepreneurial concepts without regard to company age or size. The concentration includes coursework in the financial, management, marketing, and legal aspects of new and growing entrepreneurial ventures.
The 2+2 Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship program targets Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) associate-level students from business related programs and is intended as a "completer" program for KCTCS associate degree graduates.

Undergraduate Program Objectives

Students completing the undergraduate program should be able to:

  • Understand the essential requirements for the successful planning of a new venture and be aware of the issues involved in initiating a new venture.
  • Demonstrate skills associated with innovative management in entrepreneurial environments where uncertainty and lack of information and resources are typical.
  • Understand how to evaluate potential start-up opportunities and use the necessary resources to build a growth-oriented venture.
  • Understand the components and processes involved in developing a business plan (including marketing and financial plans).
  • Identify and understand the various technical formalities associated with the actual starting of a new business, such as obtaining permits, registering business names with government agencies, filing a corporate charter, and securing trademarks for important company identification marks.
  • Understand key components of building successful ventures, including: management, market analyses, intellectual property protection, legal and regulatory issues, operations, entrepreneurial financing, and the capital markets. 


  • Cooperative Education - work experience.
  • Active student chapter of Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE).
  • Active student chapter of Phi Beta Lambda.
  • Integrated program encompassing general education, content areas, pedagogical studies, and professional preparation.
  • State of the art computer laboratories and networks

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