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Graduates of this program are equipped with the tools and techniques that will enable them to assume staff, supervisory, executive, or administrative positions in business, industry, government, and other institutions. Students in the management option follow a program designed broad in scope and aimed at developing the student's grasp of administration and organizational principles. The basic subject matter includes administration, organizational theory, motivational and social systems, human resource management, production systems, and decision and policy-making systems. Some examples of organizations which need expert managers include health care facilities, government agencies, service organizations, educational organizations, industrial companies, retail and wholesale organizations, and transportation businesses.

Undergraduate Program Objectives

  • Students completing the undergraduate program should be able to:
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic management principles and practices.
  • Demonstrate interpersonal, team, and leadership skills necessary to function in multicultural business settings.
  • Manage data from all of the functional areas of business and marketing needed to make effective managerial decisions.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of organizational types and behavior.
  • Devise and implement a variety of managerial strategies, including those dealing with human resource management and labor relations.
  • Identify the specific legal and ethical concerns in business, and devise appropriate courses of action for organizations in problem resolution.


  • Cooperative Education - work experience.
  • Active student chapter of Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE).
  • Active student chapter of Phi Beta Lambda.
  • Integrated program encompassing general education, content areas, pedagogical studies, and professional preparation.
  • State of the art computer laboratories and networks

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