The Morehead Electronic Journal of Applicable Mathematics

Volume 5 (2007)

      Codes Generated by Matrix Expansions
      by Chris Meyer (University of Mary Washington)
      Supervising Professor:  Keith Mellinger (University of Mary Washington)

      On a Spatial Rock-Paper-Scissors Game
      by Robert D. MacMartin (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)
      Supervising Professor:  Jan Rychtar (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

      Analysis of a Modified Feedback Control Technique for Suppressing Electrical Alternans in Cardiac Tissue
      by Srinivasan V. Narayanan (Virginia Commonwealth University)
      Supervising Professor:  John W. Cain (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Volume 4 (2005)

      A Survey of the Quadratic Assignment Problem, with Applications
      by Clayton W. Commander (University of Florida)
      Supervising Professor: Panos M. Pardalos (University of Florida)

      Internal Design of Uniform Shear Rate Dies
      by Thomas J. Awe (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire)
      Supervising Professors: M. B. M. Elgindi and R. W. Langer (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire)

      An Introduction to SDR's and Latin squares
      by Jordan Bell (Carleton University) 
      Supervising Professor: B. Stevens (Carleton University)

      Implementing Lazy Streams in C++
      by David Renz and Mike Borowczak (University of Cincinnati)
      Supervising Professor: John Franco (University of Cincinnati)

Volume 3 (2003)

      Impulsive Differential Equations with Non-Local Conditions
      by Robert Knapik (James Madison University)
      Supervising Professor: James Liu (James Madison University)

      A CNF Analogue to Strengthening
      by Sean Weaver (University of Cincinnati)
      Supervising Professor: John Franco (University of Cincinnati)

Volume 2 (2002)

      Is Vegas-Style Solitaire Fair?
      by Missy Dillon, Travis Hall, Patsy Hensley, and Kinda Lowder (Morehead State University)
      Supervising Professor: R. Duane Skaggs (Morehead State University)

      Stable Matchings in the Couples Problem
      by Danielle Bianco (Gwynedd-Mercy College), Stephen Hartke (University of Dayton), and Anne Larimer (Arizona State University)
      Supervising Professor: Olivia M. Carducci (Lafayette College)

      Interstate 69 and the Accessibility of Indiana's Major Cities
      by Tracy Blankenship Markert (Bellarmine University)
      Supervising Professor: William E. Fenton (Bellarmine University)

Volume 1 (2001)

      Pressure Hallucinations and Patterns in the Brain
      by Eric Tkaczyk (Purdue University)
      Supervising Professor: G. Bard Ermentrout (University of Pittsburgh)

      On the Computation of Viscosity-Shear Rate Temperature Master Curves for Polymeric Liquids
      by G. T. Helleloid (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
      Supervising Professors: M. B. M. Elgindi and R. W. Langer (University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire)

      Constructing a Large Number of Nonisomorphic Graphs of Order n
      by P. O. de Wet (University of Pretoria)
      Supervising Professor: Christine M. Mynhardt (University of South Africa)