Mathematics, Computer Science & Physics
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Faculty & Student Research

Each student in the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics engages in a large undergraduate research project prior to graduation as part of the Senior Capstone requirement. Many times this research leads to new results or novel approaches to previously known results. Students work under the supervision of a faculty mentor on a one (or two) semester project that culminates in a paper and a public presentation.


Josh Bradley and Dr. Sherif Rashad are currently working with the OPNET Modeler Wireless Suite to create new algorithms for 4G network prediction.  Click  here for more information.  

Areas of Faculty Research

Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Computational Mathematics
Mathematics Education

Some Recent Capstone Projects

Satisfiability and the Implication Graph
Random Graphs for Modeling Social Networks
Women in Mathematics
Random Monkeys
A Cross-platform Graphical Approach to Course Scheduling
An Online Scoring System
A Basis for Six Node Freeway Diagrams
A Systems Level Approach to CubeSat Subsystem Integration
Bayesian Method Applied to Single Period Aggregate Claims Process Using the Weibull Distribution
A Computer Lab Login System
The Quadratic Formula: Past to Present