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The Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics is committed to servicing both the University and its surrounding community. Part of our mission as a department is to take every opportunity to involve faculty members, students and community members in our organization. The two major events we host each year are MPATE (Mathematics, Physics and Advanced Technology Exploration day) and Math Awareness Month.

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The Mathematics, Physics and Advanced Technology Exploration day is an annual event that usually takes place in early November. The departments of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics and Industrial Engineering Technology join forces to provide a day of science exploration and competition to hundreds of high school students. The schools that participate are mainly from eastern Kentucky but we have a few from parts of Ohio and West Virginia. If you would like your school to participate please drop us a line.

Mathematics Awareness Month (MAM)

Mathematics Awareness Month is held in April each year to increase public understanding of and appreciation for mathematics. Mathematics Awareness Week began in 1986 and was concentrated on national-level events, such as opening mathematics exhibits at the Smithsonian Institution and hosting a reception on Capitol Hill.

Since that time the focus has shifted to activities at the local, state, and regional levels. Furthermore, the name was changed from Mathematics Awareness Week to Mathematics Awareness Month in 1999. Activities for Mathematics Awareness Month are generally organized by college and university departments, institutional public information offices, student groups, and related associations and interest groups. They have included a wide variety of workshops, competitions, exhibits, festivals, lectures, and symposia.

The purpose of Mathematics Awareness Month has been to increase the visibility of mathematics as a field of study and to communicate the power and intrigue in mathematics to a larger audience.