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Computer Science



The Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, & Physics offers a degree in computer science, two non-teaching mathematics degrees, and a mathematics teaching degree. We also offer minors in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics.

The non-teaching option has two degrees in which to choose from, the Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and the Bachelor of Science, Area of Concentration in Mathematics. The Area of Concentration in Mathematics was developed primarily for the student who is interested in graduate school. This degree requires more upper level mathematics courses and a physics sequence whereas our other degree (non-Area) allows the student more flexibility. The Area of Concentration is ideal for those students who wish to obtain a masters or a Ph.D.

The non-Area degree allows the student more flexibility and is for the those who want a mathematics degree but are not interested in graduate studies. This degree has fewer upper level mathematics requirements and leaves a substantial amount of free elective hours for the student to take courses in other areas, such as science, business or the arts.

The teaching option prepares the student for secondary mathematics education. This program is firmly grounded in both mathematical content and instructional methods. Students in this program must also fulfill the Teacher Education Program (TEP) requirements. These requirements can be seen on the MSU homepage.

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Students majoring in the Mathematical Sciences must also complete the Morehead State University General Education requirements. To view these requirements please visit the MSU homepage. Areas of concentration do not require an additional minor area, whereas all other degree options do require that the student complete a minor field.