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Welcome to our mathematics, computer science, and physics web page! I hope you find the information you need. If not, please contact me and I will be delighted to answer your questions.

Our department offers various programs to prepare students to enter industry and business, the classroom, or graduate school. Our students are very appreciative of the nurturing and friendly environment we offer. We are committed as a faculty to providing our students with a stimulating environment in which to maximize their learning. We also have the benefit of offering opportunities to work as tutors, supplemental instructors, in co-op experiences, or as faculty research or teaching assistants.

If you are interested in our programs, please contact me by phone at 606.783.2919 or by email at We will discuss how your interests and background can combine with a degree in mathematics, computer science, or physics to lead to a rewarding career.

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- Dora Ahmadi, Chair
Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics