Leadership Learning Community
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Overview of the Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program (LDP or LEAD) was established nearly fifteen years ago by former MSU President Ronald Eaglin. The goals of the LDP are to develop and foster leadership potential in college students with the intent of making them better, responsible leaders in our society.

Freshmen residents of the Leadership Learning Community are enrolled in a one-hour academic credit course, LEAD 101: Leadership I. This class meets twice a month on Monday nights from 6:00 to 8:00 PM in ADUC (Adron Doran University Center).

LEAD 101 integrates leadership literature with current world news to make the course as all-encompassing as possible. During the 2004 Presidential Elections, students used The New York Times to gather information about the major issues that faced our nation. In 2005, students engaged in “Apprentice” style challenges that demonstrated their leadership ability.

This year, students in LEAD 101 will explore the concept of leadership in the text Exploring Leadership: For College Students Who Want to Make a Difference. Civic engagement will play an integral part in the growth of leadership in this program. During the fall students, students participate in Septemberfest celebration festivities, as well as the Rodburn Elementary School Fall Festival. In the spring, students have a wide variety of choices of civic engagement projects to be involved in throughout the semester and all of the students participate in the annual Earth Day clean-up. By becoming civically engaged, students will be able to demonstrate their leadership potential.