Live Well, Work Well @ MSU
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Wellness Champions can generate enthusiasm and participation in Live Well, Work Well @ MSU by:

  • Being a promoter and role model of wellness in your department and the University.
  • Distributing marketing and educational information to colleagues in your department.
  • Making announcements about wellness news and events in staff meetings or via email.
  • Encouraging co-workers to get involved in wellness activities, specifically the Live Well, Work Well @ MSU incentive program.
  • Creating or assisting with wellness displays in your department/building.
  • Passing along employee requests for programming to the Wellness Program Coordinator.

Wellness Champions are asked to volunteer for at least one year, and to distribute information as you receive it from the Wellness Program Coordinator or Wellness Advisory Team member. For serving as a Wellness Champion, you will receive one (1) WellPoint per month toward the Live Well, Work Well @ MSU incentive program.

Wellness Champions

Name     Email

Bob Albert
Business & Public Affairs

Darlene Allen
Research & Sponsored Programs

Matthew Baldwin
Institutional Research & Assessment

Deborah Barker
Cultural Outreach & Preservatioin Education

Tammy Boyd

Marie Anderson
Student Housing

Sandra Bush
Human Resources

Connie Byrd
Accounting & Financial Services

Kari Cassity
Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance

Gaylena Cline

Mica Collins
Communication, Media & Leadership Studies

Joanna Conley
Carl Perkins Vocational Center

Louise Cooper
Regional Engagement

Marcia Cooper
Imaging Sciences

Jessica Cooper
Enrollment Services

Kelli Cornett
Applied Engineering & Technology

Karen Cornett
Adult Education & College Access

Rhonda Crisp
History, Philosophy, Religion and Legal Studies

Jason Dailey
University Store

Theresa Davis
Office of the Provost

Scott Davison
History, Philosophy, Religion and Legal Studies

Sherry Fannin
MSU at West Liberty

Harry Floyd

Roger Fouch
General Services

Lynn Geurin
Sociology, Social Work & Criminology

April Haight

Carry Harris
Educational Services Unit

Michael Hogge
IT - Network Services

Amanda Hollbrook
Earth and Space Science

Alicia Huffman

Karla Hughes

David James
Police Department

Phillip James
Alumni & Constituent Relations

Lesia Lennex
Middle Grades/Seccondary Education

Monica Magner
Health, Wellness & Human Performance

Sam Mason
Applied Engineering & Technology

Susan Maxey
Graduate & Undergraduate Programs

Jennifer McCain
Early Childhood, Elementary and Special Education

Elizabeth McLaren
Early Childhood, Elementary and Special Education

April Miller
Early Childhood, Elementary and Special Education

Lonnie Morris
Student Support Services

Janie Porter
Academic Advising & Retention

Ladonna Purcell
Support Services

Darlene Ramey
Building Services

Sharon A. Reynolds
Today's Youth

Sharon B. Reynolds
Administration & Fiscal Services

Brent Rogers
Agricultural Sciences

Robert Royar

Tina Stafford
Distance Education & Regional Campus System

Christine Tackett
Recreation & Wellness

Vandy Trent
International and Interdisciplinary Studies

Betty Wallace
Office of Student Life

Vanessa Webb
Information Technology

Terry White
Engineering Services

Bridgette Whitt
Camden Carroll Library

Brenda Wilburn
Counseling & Health Services

Annette Wilder
Talent Search - TRIO

Paula Wing
Music, Theatre & Dance

Capp Yess
Mathematics & Computer Science

Pauline Young
Communications & Marketing