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Educational Seminars/Wellness Workshops

All wellness workshops are worth 2 WellPoints unless stated otherwise. 

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Your Dental Health

Wednesday, April 30 @ 2:00 p.m.
Room 301, ADUC

Presented by Joel Porter, St. Claire Regional Medical Center

Discussion will include:

  • Learn heart disease
  • Diabetes and prenatal health
  • The effects your oral health has on those diseases    

Joel graduated in 1987 from the University of Kentucky with a degree in dental hygiene. He worked in public health for several years and then pursued a career in the private sector until 2006 when he joined St. Claire's staff to do research on oral health and diabetes.  Another research project followed on oral health and pre-term births and low birth weights.



Educational Seminars Available on DVD

  • Starting & Sticking with an Exercise Program Part 1

  • Starting & Sticking with an Exercise Program Part 2

  • How to Do an At-Home Strength Training Program

  • Stress Management: Practice Makes Permanent, Part 1

  • Stress Management: Practice Makes Permanent, Part 2

  • Prescription Drugs Vs. Generic Drugs

  • Sleep Well, Live Well

  • Bioenergetics:  Converting Food into Energy
  • Strength Training using Dumbells, Balls & Bands

  • Healthy Cooking for Cancer Prevention

  • Stress and Your Health

  • Anthem's 360 Health Program

  • How to Keep Dancing When Your Shoes Are Too Tight (Stress)

  • Ergonomics:  Good Work Health

  • Be Heart Smart (Heart Health)

  • Diabetes:  A Family Matter

  • Keeping Time on Your Side (Heart Health)

  • Create and Maintain Healthy Relationships

  • Colon Cancer Awareness and Prevention

  • Healthy Cooking Series: Presented by Aramark (MSU Dining Services)
  • Cooking for Weight Management
  • Cooking for Heart Health
  • Cooking for Colon Cancer Prevention (High Fiber Meal)
  • Cooking for Cancer Prevention

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