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Regional Campus Library Services for Faculty

The Regional Campus Library Services office at Camden-Carroll Library offers the following special services to faculty teaching courses at extended campus centers, via interactive television, and on the Internet.


Library Instruction

Librarians are available to visit classes for library instruction, general Internet research, and evaluation of web sites.  This can be done in the face-to-face, interactive television, or internet environments.  Please contact the Regional Campus Associate (606-783-2819) to arrange for a library instruction session.

EMBEDDED LIBRARIAN SERVICE: Invite a librarian to participate in your online classes as a Teaching Assistant.  The librarian can offer reference assistance, host discussion boards with students, and promote relevant resources for your assignments.  Visit  to learn more about the Embedded Librarian Service.

Reserve Readings

The Library maintains agreements with libraries throughout the MSU service region which have agreed to provide local reserve services for MSU students.  If you are interested in setting up local reserve readings, please contact the Regional Campus Associate  at 606-783-2819.

The Library also provides Electronic Reserves.  For more information on this service, please visit the Reserves section of the Library's web page.

Research Guides (Libguides)

Librarians are available to help you develop interactive online research guides that are specific to your class or discipline.  If you are interested in creating such a guide, you will be put in contact with a librarian who is the liaison to that subject area.  Visit  to view our new guides. Contact the Regional Campus Librarian (606-783-9343) for more information.

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