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KY AHED Issues Request for Proposals (RFP) based on ARC funding availability

For Proposals For KY AHED Grant projects dates and requirements contact:

Keith Walker, Director: 783-9519.

1. KY AHED grants $5,000 college access  project grants to ARC designated Kentucky school.
2. RFPs must be newed on a yearly basis.
3. Schools must apply each calendar year. After a three year funding cycle, schools are required to sit out a calendar year.
4. KY AHED strongly recommends the KY AHED college access grant by written and coordinated by the school's Guidance Department.
5. KY AHED offers RFP grant writing workshops in two locations (Somerset and MSU campus), and via phone and email assistance for a successful KY AHED grant application. Contact k.walker for details
6. Read the guidelines thoroughly, secure participation permission from the appropriate administrator: Superintendent, Building principal, Guidance chair.