Bluegrass 'n More: A Celebration of American Music
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The Appalachian Treasure Award is presented annually during Bluegrass 'n More to an individual for his or her quality work and prominence in art, crafts, music, or literature representative of Appalachia. The individual also must have a devotion to the preservation of their craft and willingness to share it with others.  

2007 Appalachian Treasure Award: For the first time in its 20-year history, Morehead State University's Appalachian Treasure Award is being presented to an organization – The Jesse Stuart Foundation Inc.

The presentation will be Saturday, June 2, at 4:30 p.m. during the Bluegrass 'n More festival at the Moonlight Stage in downtown Morehead. Accepting for the JSF will be Dr. James M. Gifford, chief executive officer and senior editor of the Ashland-based publishing house. MORE 


Year of Award

Recipient, Residence

Field of Endeavor

1988   James Still, Hindman, KY Literature
1989  Jean Ritchie, Viper, KY  Music
1990  Loyal Jones, Berea, KY  Literature
1991  Gurney Norman, Lexington, KY  Literature
1992  Lyndall (Granny) Toothman, Ashland, KY  Craft
1993  Homer Ledford, Winchester, KY  Music
1994  Minnie Adkins, Isonville, KY  Folk Art
1995  Albert Stewart, Hindman, KY  Literature
1996   C. Roger Lewis, Morehead, KY Music
1997  J. P. Fraley, Rush, KY  Music
1998   Ronald & Jessie Cooper, Flemingsburg, KY Folk Art
1999  Billy Clark, Farmville, VA  Literature
2000 Tom T. Hall, Nashville, TN Music
2001   Melvin Goins, Catlettsburg, KY Music
2002  Sandy Knipp, Morehead, KY  Music/Media
2003  Richard Jett, Campton, KY  Dance/Music
2004  Ronald G. Eaglin, Morehead, KY  Folk Art/Music
2005  Blanche Coldiron, Grant County, KY  Music
2006   Luke (Buddy) Ratcliff, Elliottville, KY Music
2007  Jesse Stuart Foundation, Inc., Ashland, KY   Literature/Publishing