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Advisory Board

MSU at Jackson has an Advisory Board comprised of citizens from the service area who volunteer their time. They are appointed by MSU President Wayne D. Andrews to help MSU at Jackson establish and maintain positive relationships with the public and assist in resource development. The board meets in the fall and spring. Patrick O'Neal is the current chairperson and Chuck Price is the vice chair. The membership includes:

Tim Spencer, Jackson

Patrick O’Neill, Chair, Jackson

Chuck Price, Vice Chair, Jackson

Josephine D’Amato Richardson, Whitesburg

Leila Smith, Jackson

Cluster Howard, Jackson

J.B. Morgan, Jackson

Roger Friley, Jackson

Ervin Allen, Jackson

Deronda Mobelini, Hazard

Christina Edmonds Noble, Jackson

Mike Rose, Jackson

Kim Claire-Trusty, Jackson

Burley Hudson, Jackson

Elizabeth Peters, Hazard, Graduate Student

Jennifer Drake, Beattyville, Undergraduate Student