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Instructional Technology Center
100 Camden-Carroll Library
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Instructional Technology Toolbox

The Instructional Technology Toolbox (ITT) is a resource that faculty can use to obtain on-demand Blackboard tutorials and for basic Blackboard competency certification. The ITT is a course created in Blackboard.

How to Access the Instructional Technology Toolbox

Step 1:  Log into Blackboard

Log into Blackboard at  


Step 2:  Click “Need help using Blackboard?”

After logging into Blackboard, you will see a box in the content area titled How to Use Blackboard. After finding this box, click the link inside titled “Need help using Blackboard?”.  If you do not have access to ITT, contact us at

NOTE: You can find this box on the My MSU tab and the My Courses tab.


You may download a printable PDF of these instructions at the following link:

Instructional Technology Toolbox Tutorial 

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