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Virtual Private Network Connection

Connection to Morehead State University's network is available through a virtual private network (VPN) for travelers and those who work from home. This is a secured, encrypted tunnel providing access to campus resources from remote sites with the same privileges as an on campus connection. 

Requests for activation of this service must be made by the department chair or director of the individual needing access. Requests should be directed to and must include the name and MSU Id of the individual along with a brief description of the intended use. This is a limited resource, therefore it is encouraged that only those with a genuine need apply.

Instructions are provided below for setting up your connection on Windows XP.

Connection Setup

  • From Control Panel, open Network Connections
  • Double click the New Connection Wizard
  • Click Next at the Welcome Screen
  • Choose "Connect to the network at my Workplace"
  • Click Next
  • Choose Virtual Private Network
  • Click Next
  • Be creative in choosing a name for your connection
  • Click Next
  • If you use dialup, select your dialer....
  • Otherwise, check "Do not dial...."
  • Click Next
  • Enter as the VPN Server
  • Click Next
  • You can add a shortcut to your desktop
  • Click Finish


  • Double click the VPN you have created
  • Enter your MSU Id as your username
  • Enter your Web PIN as your password
  • Click connect.

Possible Problems and Points to Remember

If you cannot connect from home, please check your home router. Many have firewalls built in and will need to be configured to allow PPTP (point to point tunneling protocol). Due to the many types of routers used in home networks, it is not possible for the Office of Telecommunications to supply support. Consult the users’ manual and help files for your device.

Most Hotels and Motels allow VPN connections and should not present a problem. If you know that your connection works elsewhere but cannot connect at your lodging site, please contact their front desk for assistance.

Once connected to the VPN, you are on MSU's network. You will be able to access shares on your work desktop system (hopefully password protected), printers and other work resources. You will also be able to access directly attached devices such as printers, PDAs, etc. You will not be able to access locally networked home devices while the VPN is established.

Questions may be directed to Information Technology at 606-783-2068.