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Microcomputer Acquisition Program (MAP)


The Morehead State University Microcomputer Acquisition Program (MAP) is a program where, on an annual basis, approximately all Microcomputers located in student labs and campus offices are replaced with new equipment.  Microcomputers removed are all sent to surplus and sold to the public on a first-come-first-serve basis.  This innovative program allows Morehead State University up-to-date desktop technology in student labs, as well as faculty and staff offices.  The acquisition of this technology greatly enhances Morehead State University's ability to provide high-quality learning experience using state-of-the art technology.

How do I acquire equipment under MAP?

Each summer several hundred new microcomputers are purchased under the Microcomputer Acquisition Program (MAP).  These replacement machines for existing program machines which have reached the end of their three-year life cycle and initial placement machines purchased with new, recurring funds.  Existing MAP machines will be replaced automatically at the end of their three- year cycle.  Initial replacement machines require both the identification of a recurring fund source, and vice presidential approval.  Initial placement requests, funding and vice president approval must be secured prior to the date when the Office of Information Technology places the order for the machines.

How can I tell if my current desktop computer is covered by the MAP?

Every Microcomputer Acquisition Program (MAP) machine has a small, rectangular sticker located prominently on the front of the machine.  The sticker (along with its serial number and MSU Properties ID) identifies the machine as belonging to the MAP.  The color of the MAP sticker indicates the MAP cycle in which it was acquired - and therefore will be replaced:


IBM Desktop - Yellow Tag
IBM Desktop - Green Tag
IBM Laptop - Yellow Tag
IBM Laptop - Green Tag
Apple G4 - Red Tag
Apple G4 - Yellow Tag


IBM Desktop - Blue Tag
IBM Laptop - Blue Tag
Apple G5 - Blue Tag

What if my current machine is not covered by the MAP?

Most microcomputers at Morehead State University are covered by the Microcomputer Acquisition Program(MAP).  There are, however, microcomputers acquired through non-recurring fund sources such as grants which are not covered under the MAP.  Machines covered under MAP will not be replaced.

Who do I contact with additional MAP questions?

Brent Jones, Director of Information Technology,, (606) 783-5233.