Information Technology
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Faculty/Staff Secure Web Account

With a valid secure web account, current MSU faculty and staff can access the University's secure web site and process or view data from the University's academic and administrative data base. Employees can view and change their personnel information; view vacation/sick leave, salary history and payroll information; view and make payments on their financial account; enter and check the status of Information Technology work orders; view course offerings; submit and track the approval of purchase requisitions, budget transfers, Personnel Action Requests (PAR), job searches, facility keys, departmental vacation/sick leave, and time cards; view information on students, vendors, applicants, personnel, etc.; and view university policies/procedures; etc. Faculty can view advisee information; view/print student checksheets; enter mid-term and final grades; view transfer course substitutions; view/print course rosters; and send email to individual students or a select group of students (all advisees or all students enrolled in course).

New Account

Current employees and future employees with a hire data within a 90 day date range can create their secure web and email accounts with identity verification (e.g., social security number). To create the accounts, connect to the University's home page at and click the "Faculty/Staff" link. Next, click on "Access secure online services." Click on the prompt at the bottom of the page, "Create Web and/or Email Account." Follow the instructions for creating your secure web account. Email accounts and limited secure web access will also be available for 120 days after termination date. If you have questions or need assistance with creating the account, please contact the Technology Service Center Help Desk at 606-783-5000.

Forgotten PIN

If a secure web account already exists but the web PIN has been forgotten, the account can still be accessed with verification as follows:

1.Visit the University's home page (
2.Click the 'Faculty & Staff' button.
3.Click the ‘Online Services’ button below the collage. 
4.Click the prompt 'I have forgotten my PIN' at the bottom of this page.

With the entry of the correct 7-digit faculty/staff identification number, the questions entered in the creation process of the account will be displayed. With a match of the stored answers a new PIN can be entered and access allowed.

If you have questions or need assistance with accessing the secure web site please contact the Technology Support Center Help Desk at 606-783-5000.