Information Technology
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Identity verification should always be obtained prior to discussing sensitive information with persons on the phone or with students that are unable to present a valid EagleCard.  Morehead State University has chosen to utilize the security questions students selected when activating their on-line account within the Eagle Account Center for this process. 

Employees that have completed FERPA training have access to the identity verification process through the Eagle Account Center.  After logging in to the EAC by using your username (m+ ID #) and your password, the menu box on the left will present the Identity Verification menu option.

Employees will be presented with a page that can be searched by ID number, social security number, or first and last name as seen below:

 Identity Verification Search

If more than one person matches the search, the employee will be presented a list of people to choose from; otherwise the employee will be presented the person’s basic information as seen below:

 IDV User Information

Also the employee will have a section below the person’s information that will display the student's security questions selected during their account activation. The employee may then type the answers given by the student and will be notified real-time if they have successfully answered the question via Pass/Fail indicators as seen below:

 IDV Questions

When the employee has successfully verified identification, then the requested assistance may be given.  Otherwise, the employee must instruct the student to update their security questions from the Eagle Account Center.

While this is an extra step for MSU employees providing services, this process is a very crucial piece in protecting a person’s identity and student records.  MSU is committed to protecting personal information.