Information Technology
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Computer Requirements and Fees

New students entering MSU:

  • Computer Requirements: MSU does not require students to acquire computers at this time; however, students are strongly encouraged to participate in MSU’s Computer Lease Program ensuring the best residential campus learning experience while using the tools that will prepare you to be successful in an increasingly technology-dependent and global workplace.
  • Computer Fees:

Any fees incurred by the student must be paid before semester registration is allowed. 

  • Damage Fees (for non-warrantied damage) ($250 maximum):
  • Liquid Spill $100
  • Keyboard Replacement $50
  • Burn marks $50
  • Cracked Casing
    • Severe $100
    • Minor $ 50
  • Stickers (each) $ 25 (not to exceed $100)
  • Exceeds normal wear and tear $ 50 (scratching, perm marker, defacing)
  • Excessively dirty $ 25

Penalty fees for contract default:

If a student does not return the computer after withdrawal from school, or their student status ends and results in MSU taking default action against the student for the computer return; then the student will be assessed a minimum fee of $100 and accrued semester fees. In addition, MSU reserves the right to bill the student for the entire replacement cost of the computer. The $100 charge is for the loss of staff time to recover the MSU assets. In a default arrangement, a certified letter is sent to the student’s permanent address. Copies of the certified letter will be kept on file at the TSC.

Note: Full details of the student responsibilities are found in the Student Laptop Agreement that students sign.