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 Blackboard_Logo_150x145.gif Blackboard is MSU's e-learning platform. Instructors use Blackboard to post and distribute course content such as syllabi and handouts; to communicate with students via announcements and email messages; to assess student learning through quizzes and online assignments; and much more.


Blackboard Accounts

What is my Blackboard Login information?

    If you are a student: 

Your Blackboard username is created after you register for a class, typically one day after your registration is processed.  Your Blackboard username is your MSU ID number (ex. m0123456).  Your Blackboard password is the last four digits of your SSN followed by your four-digit year of birth (ex: 12341985).


    If you are a new faculty member: Our systems administrator will create an account for you to use.  Send an email including your MSU ID number, your full name and your email address to our Blackboard Systems Administrator at

Blackboard Course

When should I be able to access my course on Blackboard?

     All courses will automatically be made available on the first day of classes.  
If the course is not available after the first day of classes, contact your instructor and ask them when to expect access to their Blackboard site.

     Blackboard Help: What do I do if I have a problem using Blackboard at MSU? 
The OIT Help Desk at 606-783-5000 can be contacted for help in all sorts of Blackboard areas.