Information Technology
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Internet Access from the Residence Halls (RESNet)

Morehead State University provides high-speed Internet access from campus residence halls via the Residential Hall Network (RESNET).  Students are not charged for the use of RESNET.

To utilize RESNET you must have:

1. A personal computer running a current operating system.

2. An Ethernet network interface card.

3. An Ethernet UTP/CAT5 network cable.

4.  The operating system disks that came with your computer, as well as any supplemental driver disks that came with the NIC.  You will need to verify that a TCP/IP stack (a software driver) has been installed.  Instructions for verifying the TCP/IP stack vary with operating systems.  You should consult the operating system guide that came with your computer for details, or follow the instructions that came with your NIC.  When configuring the TCP/IP stack (if you instlall the card yourself) be sure to select "get an IP addrsss from a server" when asked.

5.  An Internet browser such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer.  For computers using Microsoft's operating systems, Internet Explorer will probably be preinstalled.

6. If more than one computer is being used in the same residence hall room or suite, you will also need an Ethernet hub or switch and additional UTP/CAT5 cables.  Do not use a router as routers will interfer with proper operation of the RESNet network.

Details for attaching your computer the the RESNET will vary depending on the operating system you are running, as well as the brand of NIC you purchase.  Generally speaking, if you purchased the computer with a NIC installed, it will work with the RESNET out of the box.  Students running a current operating system who are unable to get their personal computer to work with the RESNET can request assistance from the Technology Service Center by calling the TSC help desk at 783-9000 or stopping by the Technology Service Center located at 108 Lloyd Cassity Building.