Information Technology
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The first step to obtain access to University technology accounts is the initialization of an Eagle Account Center account.  All faculty/staff should initialize this account.

Eagle Account Center

The Eagle Account Center (EAC) is used to initialize e-mail and establish employee's on-line account password. On-line account passwords are maintained and changed through this application. After account initialization, employees have the option to permanently forward their MSU e-mail account to a preferred e-mail address and change on-line account passwords within the EAC.


The second step for faculty/staff is to login to the MyMoreheadState portal.   


MyMoreheadState is the one stop location for access to e-mail, faculty portfolio, facility work orders, faculty information, assessment and planning, employee directory, employee profile announcements, news and events on campus, the learning managment system and a whole lot more!

All faculty/staff that have the need to access on-line student/employee information will need to complete FERPA training.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act  FERPA

The Online Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Workshop training  is only needed if an employee needs acess to view student or other employee records.

Employees with administrative duties will need to establish an administrative information account.  

Administrative Information Account

The administrative database is an advanced enterprise resource planning solution designed specifically for higher education. Because it is a relational database, departments can share student, demographic, admissions, and financial information.  If your job requires access to this type of information, then you will need to establish an Administrative Information Account.

Other campus technology information is available under the Services tab of Information Technology's home page.