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Microsoft Exchange is the primary email system for MSU faculty and staff. In addition to email, Exchange can provide calendars and scheduling, contacts, notes, task lists and access to public folders.

Exchange can be accessed by Apple/Mac systems as well as those running Windows, using either email software installed on your computer or a Web browser (see below). It can also be accessed by mobile devices like the Blackberry and smart cell phones.

Many people think Outlook and Exchange are the same thing. Exchange is the software that runs on our network of server computers. Email on Exchange can be accessed via client software installed on your PC or other computing device. The most commonly used PC client software is Microsoft Outlook and Entourage for Apple/Mac computers.

A Web-based version of Outlook is also available called Outlook Web Access (OWA) that can be used to access Exchange email when you are away from your primary computer. OWA requires only an installed Web browser like Internet Explorer, or Safari.

By default, each Exchange user is provided with 200 megabytes (MB) of mailbox space. This quota applies to all messages in your inbox, outbox (sent mail), and other stored folders on the Exchange server (but it does not apply to folders you have stored on your PC). Additional space is available upon request, but must be justified by unusual storage requirements.
Access using any of the methods listed above requires that you be attached to the University's network by a campus wired or wireless connection, or have an active Internet connection via an ISP or cellular carrier if accessing remotely.
Exchange is managed by the IT Systems Services.

If you have additional questions or experience problems with any aspect of email, contact the OIT Help Desk at 606-783-HELP (4357).