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Using many types of technology at MSU involves an authentication mechanism, or a method to tell any given system who you are, and what you have the right to use.  There are many technology resources – or applications - which require this kind of authentication: online registration, personal web pages, Blackboard, etc.

In order to reduce the number of account names and passwords you have to remember, many applications will authenticate using a centralized id and password which are maintained on the Eagle Account Center (EAC). This centralized id and its associated password are referred to as your EagleId and EaglePass.  Your EagleId will be a lowercase m and your MSU 7-digit id number. 

This page will discuss the EAC, including how you get an account, and what you can do there.  It should be noted that an EAC account does not automatically provide access to a given application.  Documentation for each application will describe the process for obtaining access.

Obtaining an EAC account - Students

After you have been accepted to MSU, an EAC account should be available to you the next day.  The initial password will be the last four digits of your social security number, two digit month, two digit day, then four digit year of birth.  For example: If the last four digits of your SSN are 9999 and you were born Jan 2, 1980 your EaglePass would initially be 999901021980.  Upon first login to the EAC, you will be prompted to provide a new password.  This initializes your account.

Obtaining an EAC account – Employees

If you are an employee – faculty or staff – your EAC account will be created on your start date as entered in the Colleague system.  The initial account information is the same as that for students. 

How do I login to the EAC?

From the University’s home page, select Online Services from either the Current Students or the Faculty & Staff dropdown lists.  This will take you to a secure page which will allow you to select a resource to access.  Select the Eagle Account Center from the dropdown box, and enter your EagleId and EaglePass in the appropriate fields.

What can I do in the EAC?

After logging in to the EAC for the first time, you will be prompted to initialize the account.  Initializing the account means that you’ve changed the password to something different than the default (see Obtaining an EAC Account – Students), and setting up some verification questions.

After your EAC account has been initialized, when you login to the EAC your screen will show your name and EagleID, the last time you logged into the EAC, your current email address, your classification (student, faculty, staff), account maintenance selections (change password, change questions, forward email account), contact information for the OIT Help Desk, and the ability to logout.  Clicking on Home in the blue box in the upper left will return you to this screen.

Change Password

Selecting Change Passwords takes you to the change password screen.  You will need to enter the password twice, to reduce the chances that you misspelled the password (the password will show up as asterisks as you type.)  Click the Change Password button, and it’s done! NOTE: The password must contain at least one letter and one number, and must be a minimum of 8 characters in length!

Change Questions

During your account initialization, you selected some questions and answers.  These are used for authentication, in case you’ve forgotten your EaglePass.  If you would like to change these questions and/or answers, you can click on Change Questions on the EAC main menu.

You must specify three questions and the answers for them.  For each question (Question 1, Question 2, Question 3), the available choices are different, so you can’t have the same thing for each question.  Over time, we will add more choices, but will not remove any existing choices.

Forward Email Account

Some people, when they come to MSU, already have an existing email account – Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. – where they receive email, and don’t want to have to check multiple accounts.  Clicking on Forward Email Account on the EAC main menu will allow you to specify an email account to which your MSU email will be forwarded.  This is a multi-step process, the first of which is to specify the email address.  After clicking Submit, you will get a message box indicating that a confirmation mail has been sent to the specified address, and that you have one hour to finish the change process.  

If you should need to change the forwarding address in the future, simply go to Forward Email Account again, and repeat the process.  If you have specified a forwarding address, returning to Forward Email Account will also give you a checkbox which allows you to have your email delivered to your MSU account, rather than forwarding it to an external address.

I’ve forgotten my password

If you’ve forgotten it, you can answer the questions specified earlier to reset your password.  On the login screen, you can click on the “Forgot your Password?” link.  You will then be prompted for your EagleID, after which the three questions you selected will be displayed, along with prompts for the answers to these questions.  After correctly answering the questions, you will be prompted for the new password you would like to use.