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Protocol for Contacting Datatel for Technical Support

Morehead State University has purchased 360 minutes per month of technical support assistance from Datatel.  The Office of Information Technology Applications Services is responsible for tracking each contact as well as monitoring minutes spent for assistance.

Datatel, Inc. policy allows any Datatel employee receiving emails, text messages, short phone calls, etc. to bill the institution. In order to properly track minutes, a protocol has been established for functional and technical leads to follow.

Step 1

When a problem arises in a specific area, it is the responsibility of the functional lead to use free Datatel, Inc. support resources to research a problem. This is possible through a number of resources including:

  • The Datatel Web Site – - Note: MSU employees may request a free Datatel Web account
  • The Web site includes access to documentation, AnswerNet, TechDoc and the Datatel Forums

Step 2

All functional and technical leads are encouraged to build professional working relationships with other institutions that have deployed Datatel Colleague. Many of these professionals offer great insight into best practices as well as in-depth troubleshooting expertise.

Step 3

If a problem can not be resolved through these resources, functional leads are responsible for contacting their technical lead for further assistance. The technical lead will use existing Datatel resources, as well as business liaisons, in an attempt to resolve the problem. In the instance the technical lead is unable to resolve the problem, ITAS will initiate a Support Center call to Datatel.

This protocol will ensure best practices for troubleshooting problems that arise, allow the Office of Information Technology Applications Services to properly track and document the purchased support time, and ensure additional charges from Datatel are not incurred.