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Administrative Information Account

Data security is one of the most critical issues associated with installing and supporting an ERP solution.  Morehead State University uses a holistic approach for protecting institutional data.  

User Training Requirements

Not all university employees will need an Administrative Informaiton account.  Typically, those who maintain prospect, applicant, student or employee data will need an account.

In order to obtain an Administrative Information account, employees must complete the Understanding the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) online workshop.

Account Creation and Access

Once the required training has been completed, supervisors should complete a New User Security Request Form to request an initial Administrative Information account and relevant access or to modify access for a current account.

The Security Reqeust Form should be returned to Information Technology (OIT), Ginger Hall 110 or FAX to 606-783-5078 or emailed to  OIT will obtain data custodial approval for requested access.

Data custodians have a responsibility to the University to ensure they grant access to data to only those who require that access to perform their job responsibilities.  The data custodian must be familiar with the data and the methods for accessing that data for which they are responsible.  The custodian should know how this data is used with the business functions of the University.  If for any reason the data custodian has a question of whether an employee’s position would require that access, they should feel free to interview the requester and/or supervisor to verify the access is needed.

OIT will contact the supervisor if access is denied by the data custodian.  The employee and his/her supervisor will be contacted when the account has been created and access granted. The same procedure is followed when additional access is requested.

Initialization (EAC)

In order to reduce the number of account names and passwords to remember, many applications authenticate using a centralized id and password which are maintained on the Eagle Account Center (EAC).

Logging in to the EAC for the first time requires the account be initialized.  Initializing the account requires the default password (last 4 digits of SSN and complete date of birth) be changed (password specifications--at least one letter and one number, and must be a minimum of 8 characters in length). 

Initialization is completed after setting up three verification questions and answers.  EAC allows for account maintenance features such as changing the password and creating new verification questions/answers.

Account Termination

OIT receives notification of employee terminations from the Office of Human Resources (OHR) or from the hiring department in the case of student workers.  A termination date on an employees record prohibits access to the Administrative Information account login beginning with the date of termination.  Notification of internal employee transfers (from one position or job department to another) is received from OHR and the account terminated until new access is requested.  The employee’s new supervisor must follow the same procedures for requesting a new account (see Account Creation and Access).  If FERPA training requirements were previously met, the employee does not need to recertify training.