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Charter Document

The Charter Document is the primary vehicle to disseminate the vision, scope, direction, and goals of the implementation project. It serves as a top-level central document that references and thereby ties together all other important documents relating to the Datatel Implementation Project.

The Charter Document also outlines the phases, organizational structures, and administrative guidelines that will steer the University through the implementation process. The implementation phase will end when all modules are fully installed, integrated, tested and moved to production. Implementing the Datatel System will be a challenging and exciting undertaking. It will require a new order of cooperation, effort, and organization of work. The payoffs for successfully completing this task are great.

When completed, the Datatel System will provide Morehead State University the capacity to work more efficiently and effectively. Most importantly, it will enable the University to significantly improve both quantitatively and qualitatively the support and services provided to students, employees, and the community.

The 36 page Charter Document, currently version 2.0.0, is available in Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf).