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Long Distance - Students

Morehead State University does not offer direct dial long distance service from residence hall rooms.  Students will need to either use a calling card with toll free access or place collect calls from campus phones.

Long Distance - Faculty/Staff

Morehead State University uses dedicated telephone lines to a long distance carrier for long distance service.  Calls relating to University business my be placed over these lines.  All long distance calls must be placed using an authorization code.  Authorization code access is the most secure method of preventing telephone abuse and fraud.  Long distance authorization code access requires vice presidential approval. 

Authorization code Long Distance Access

The authorization code long distance access method allows faculty and staff long distance access without any special configuration of the office phones.  Billable charges for long distance calls placed using authorization codes will be reflected in a monthly charge to the appropriate department's budget.  Faculty and staff requesting long distance authorization codes must submit an Email request with vice presidential approval to, providing the employee's MSU ID and the appropriate department's budget code.

Authorization code dialing instructions

Dial "6 + 1 + area code + seven digit number"
Wait for tone, enter authorization code

Personal Long Distance Telephone Calls

Personal long distance telephone calls must not be charged to University telephone numbers.  You may use a personal credit card for placing personal long distance calls.

Credit Card Calls -- Dial "6 + 0" and hold for an operator to assist you
"800" Calls -- Dial "7 + 1 + 800 + seven digit number" - follow directions on card