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Forwarding MSU Email to Another Email Account - Faculty & Staff accounts only!

 Follow the steps below to forward your electronic mail to a third-party email account:
Access your On-Line Servcies Account

     1. In the “Quick Login” drop-down select “Eagle Account Center”.
     2. Login will be your EagleId (a lower case "m" + your 7-digit ID number)
     3. Password will be your previously set up EaglePass.
     4. Click “Submit”
     5. Click on "Forward Email Account"
     6. Enter, then re-enter, the address you wish to forward mail to.
     7. Click the “Submit” button to send a confirmation email to the address.
     8. Login to the email account which you are forwarding to.
     9. Open the confirmation email and click on the confirmation link. *

* If you do not receive the confirmation email, check your spam filter for the account to make the message was not blocked. If the message was not blocked go back to the “Eagle Account Center” page and try the address again.

To change your forwarded email back to Morehead State University's address;

1. Follow steps 1-5 above
2. Check the box for  "Restore MSU email address "
Click the "Submit" button.


Neither Morehead State University nor the Office of Informaiton Technology is responsible for failure of mail delivery due to a misspelled e-mail address or the reliability of the mail system where the mail will be forwarded.